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When My Thoughts Grow Restless [Poem]

My mind continually pulls me into a trap of deceptive thoughts
Leaving my stomach anxious and tied up in knots
I grow fearful of the future and uncertain of what lies ahead
Sometimes I become so lonely on the path that I tread
Where are You Lord? What are You doing?
Sometimes the plan You have for me can feel so confusing
Questions arise that keep my mind up wandering all night
Thoughts that leave me doubting and wanting to give up the fight
Buried hurts that run so deep, they feel like more than I can take
Why won't time seem to cure this penetrating ache?
Each new struggle is another blow on a wounded heart
Allowing the memories to come rushing back in and tear me apart

Wondering what good is coming from this enduring struggle
Seems like my hope and strength are beginning to crumble
My life feels so uncertain and unclear
Lord, please give me wisdom to not give up and to preservere
Remind me to focus only on Your perception of me,
Because You look so much deeper than what the world can see
When I feel like this world rejects me and I don't belong
Be my strength, O Lord, help me remain strong
Don't let me lose heart when thoughts attack and prevail
Help me remember that You never forsake and Your love never fails

Give me direction and fill me with Your peace
Help me give over the worries on my heart and let my suffering cease
Abolish all thoughts that haunt me of these painful memories
Don't let me fall into Satan's deceptive treachery
Restore my focus to be set on You
Help me overcome, please see me through
Take my life and use it for something of worth
Help me live for eternity, do what's right, and not focus on things of this earth
Give me the strength to let go and hand over my burdens to You,
Because I know that You're the only One that will see me through

Thank You for always remaining by my side
And desiring to love me for who I am on the inside
You value my worth and understand my every heartbreak
And when the world rejects me, I know You will never fail or forsake
You delve deep inside and see my heart
You aren't afraid to remain close even when I'm feeling broken and torn apart
Take my life and use it to fulfill Your plan
Because I know You're using the uncertainty and painful things in far better ways than I can ever comprehend!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Its just the reminder I needed. Thank You. We pray God will richly bless you. I love everything you post. It seems that every time I open your page your devotional is something I needed to hear. Thank you you are a tremendous blessing.

    1. Aww, thanks so much Laura for your encouraging words! I'm glad you can relate to what I write about! I pray that you will feel God's presence and love that He has for you! Thanks again!

  2. This poem is so good! Very deep and hit home for me. Thank you for this!

  3. Wonderful poem. I was touched and feel that in this world we live for a purpose. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I love your poem. I would take this as a reminder for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is perfectly awesome poem, just keep on believing God because he will never leave you nor forsake you