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An Unheard Cry

Have you ever felt a burden on your heart that felt like it couldn't be expressed through words. The pain cut too deep to describe. Each struggle ate away at your hope for the future and the yearning for your heart to be mended grew deeper.

The circumstances we go through sometimes wound our heart, and just when we think we are about  fully mended, something comes along to tear open that battered scar once again. It seems like we can't rid ourselves of the agonizing pain that just won't seem to release it's grip from our heart. We can't seem to grasp joy instead of the pain from the past. It feels so dominating.

In times like these it's easy to grow discouraged. It is difficult to find any consolation in the purpose of our distress. Others may listen, they try to care, but the ache sometimes runs too deep that not even the sweetest of words can bring satisfying comfort. Some circumstances only you can fully can feel the intense blow. Happy emotions and memories only return in sorrowful tears. Unforeseen circumstances left you with endless questions and a clouded perspective.

I've found that through times of uncertainty and abrupt endings have often left me with a shaken faith. I've questioned God's sovereignty and provision. Amidst the pain of the past I struggle to pull myself back off the ground and try to continue to find the courage to move on. I struggle to trust in God when it felt like the direction He was leading me only led to a dead end. I struggle to believe that God is using life's hardest days for something good. Sometimes God's way doesn't make sense. It leaves me questioning His purpose. Especially in the hard times.

One thing I have found to be true when I don't understand is to remember God's character. He doesn't withhold things from us that He knows we need. He doesn't relish in seeing us hurt. He never is surprised by our circumstances. He is protecting us. He sees the future. He doesn't change His mind. He cannot fail us.

Through it all God is with us. The pain that we thought was only our burden to bear, was His too. He knows the deep scars that no words can ever heal, because He has those scars too. Our pain isn't only ours to bear. He's always been there for us, and He won't ever leave us to endure the struggle on our own. When it seems like the indescribable hurts on your heart won't heal, go to the One who always understands. He knows the pain and you don't have to find the words, because He already knows. He cares. He'll listen. He wants your best. Ask Him to help heal those hurts and provide you with strength for the future. He'll help carry you through and will rejoice when you reach the other side!

Isaiah 43:2 

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; 
and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned.

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