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Flawed | A 6 Day Study

Over the past few weeks I have been busy working on this study that I'm excited to finally share with all of you. While I was looking into the mirror one night, trying to decide what I should write about, God brought a word into my mind that I often stumble upon in my thoughts - Flawed.

How many times I look at my reflection in the mirror and I see a flawed person, full of insecurities, scars, imperfections and failures. I am a flawed individual, but it's also part of what makes me who I am. I am accepted and loved by God, flaws and all. This study is something I struggle with daily and I hope that this might be an encouragement to all of you as well.

I hope that through this study you can view your flaws and imperfections in a different way. Allowing you to use your flaws for something greater. Understanding that your flaws don't define you, but strengthen you. I'll share personal experiences from my own life, truths that I have found applicable and also share examples of Bible characters who also struggled in the same areas. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks, Britt! I'm looking forward to reading through it. :)