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The Inner Me {poem}

From magazine covers to facebook profiles
From the latest trends to the "in" hair styles
Looking at the aim for perfection everyone is seeking,
Meeting all their expectations can get quite daunting
Wishing the person you knew inside could shine through
But your insecurities and fears of rejection constantly hide the real you

When will the person you see in the mirror be what others see?
When will you become the person you'd always hoped you'd be?
When will you accept yourself and see beauty in who God created you to be?

Wondering when you won't feel ashamed to be yourself anymore
When will the time come when you will truly loved and cared for?
Will you ever stop being overlooked and feeling invisible?
Will anyone ever see you as something more than ordinary or typical?

Sometimes I feel hidden beneath my silent and introverted appearance
I feel trapped behind my quiet and timid spirit
My past often feels like it has defined who I'm going to become
It feels like something I'll never be able to overcome
It's an ongoing battle to be confident in who you are
When the world seems to be draining you of God's truth and leaving you with deepening scars

I may not ever be what I seek to become
I may not ever be truly loved by many, or even by some
I may not be able to attain beauty or traits I admire in others
And I may not have friends in large numbers
But I do know that God loves me unconditionally
And He sees the real me that I'm apprehensive to let others see
I can find joy in knowing God created me just the way I am
And He began loving me even before my life began

When I don't feel love from others and I can't seem to accept myself
I know that You, God, know me completely and love me from the inside out!


  1. Praise God for loving us exactly as we are! I hope that you can continue to grow in that LOVE and knowing that He has a beautiful purpose for your life and created as you are to best fulfill that purpose. Also knowing that the circumstances He brings are shaping us for His purpose as well...even though it's nearly impossible to believe that sometimes. Blessings!

    1. Destinee, thanks so much for your comment! :) Thank you for your words of encouragement!