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You are Worthy

The worry and pain. The waiting. The lack of hope. The fear of making mistakes. Feeling like a failure. Meeting up to expectations. Like your opinion never matters. All of these impact our self worth at times. Sometimes it feels like your situation is too complicated to be solved or set right. Sometimes it feels like everyone is against you. These things can break us down and cause us to shatter.

Maybe you feel like you have lost yourself and everything comes crashing down. You feel like you've lost that joyful, confident person you used to be. When things were as they should be; when others believed in you. You can't seem to find a firm ground to stand on anymore and nothing feels secure. One insecurity brings you crashing down with a flood of memories, all reminding you of your mistakes, flaws and weaknesses.

Remind yourself today that you are worthy. You are smart. You are qualified. You are attractive. You are one of a kind. You are loved more than you will ever know.

Don't let the discouragements of this life bring you down, but let it build your character. So many times I let my mistakes define who I am and impact my opportunity to rise up and succeed. My flaws and insecurities hold me back from ways I can reach out and use my talents. Learn from your mistakes, be confident in who you are, because the God of the universe loves you more than you can ever imagine. Don't let your insecurities and distorted view of yourself hold you back. Others may think you aren't qualified or capable, but look to the One who sees your true worth and value. Remember God sees your worth. His view and opinion is all that matters. You are worthy because God has created you with a unique purpose that only you can fulfill!


  1. Such beautiful words. Keep it up! :)

    KC | http://kaellecalzado.blogspot.com/