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Your Last Chance

Do you ever feel led to do something but you are too afraid to do it? Maybe you think "I'll do that next time or in a few years." Maybe you think you'll change in a few months or when things calm down. Often times we think we have our whole lives to do things and will wait to do them until later. We forget that each day comes and goes and we don't know what our future holds. Pushing that opportunity may just be our last chance.

Seeing death in my life as much as I have has reminded me just how short our lives on this earth really is. Before my dad passed away I thought I had a lifetime with him, but it ended so abruptly and after he was gone there was nothing I could do to get back those moments with him. I often push off opportunities and think "I'll do that next time," but in reality, I never know if today is my last chance. My last chance to make an impact. My last chance to brighten someone's day. My last chance to say "I love you." My last chance to tell someone how much they mean to me. My last chance to share God with others.

Maybe you have been pushing things off in your life too. Pushing off spending time with God. Praying. Seeking forgiveness. Becoming saved. Telling others how much they mean to you. The list is endless. Maybe today is the day you should start and know that you did everything you could without having another day pass you by. What if tomorrow never comes and you never get that chance?

Live today like it was your last, because you never know just what your future holds. I want my life and relationship with God to be so close that if I died unexpectedly today I could say I finished strong and would not be ashamed of my life when I see God face to face.

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  1. I do tend to push things off, and I sometimes take for-granted the relationships I have with other people. I may not have that next opportunity to share the gospel to my unsaved friends, or be able to say I love you.
    Thank you for both the challenge and reminder. <3