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Feeling Like A Mess

Have you ever felt like a failure? Embarrassed by something you said? Humiliated by something you did and you wish you could take back? The past few days have been pretty disastrous- things I did that made me feel like I was a complete idiot. It seems like I always make a fool of myself infront of those whom I want to impress the most.

It seemed as though one dumb thing followed right after the other and it was just getting worse with each day. Sometimes I beat myself up for the stupid things I do and it drives me insane. I keep thinking about how much I messed up and what people are thinking of my mistakes.

I have to remember that even though I make mistakes and may mess up things, God's got a reason for every mistake and He can still use it for good. He still loves us even when we mess up. He understands our situations and knows our intentions. When we feel like a complete failure, God still looks at our life with potential.

Often the things we beat ourselves up for the most in our life will not even matter when we reach heaven. The things we worry most about are not going to even phase us when we reach heaven. The things I'm worried about and stressed over will not matter when I reach eternity. It's so hard to get caught up in what others think of us. It's so easy to put thoughts into our heads of what others might view us as. Instead we should be thinking of how God sees us and only think of His opinion of ourselves.

This week, focus less on people-pleasing and focus on how God sees you. Ask yourself will what you are thinking and worrying about matter in a few years? when you reach heaven?

Sometimes it just takes some perspective and focus to see what really matters and how we see ourselves with God's eyes.