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Letting Satan Overtake {poem}

Twisted and torn 
Feeling like my life recently has been tattered and worn
When will better days come?
Ones that will break through these thick clouds and show some sun?
Recently I've been realizing that I've been giving Satan control of my heart
Giving him control of my life and tearing me apart
Letting the doubts come into my head
I've been removing God from my life and letting Satan in instead
But this is where it ends
This is when I refocus and make amends 

God reminds us that we are worthy
And even when we least deserve it He shows us mercy
When Satan tempts us, allows us to doubt and makes us afraid
We don't have to fight him on our own, we just have to pray
God will help restore us, give us confidence and keep us strong
Because that's what He's been doing all along

So when you feel worried, discouraged and distressed
Just remember God is with you and He will help you through life's tests
God loves you and trusts you enough to let Satan test you 
He knows that when things get hard it is Him you will look up to

You aren't in it alone, He's right beside you
Just trust in Him and He will pull you through
Hard times allow Satan to see just how determined and faithful you are to God
They help you to prove Satan wrong and steal his applause
They reveal to us that with God all things are possible
And with God we can get through any obstacle!


  1. You are so amazing Britt, you have a beautiful way with words.


    1. aww..so are you Jenna!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!!