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A Different Door

Have you ever felt so distant that everything around you just fades into the background? Sometimes this feeling is good and lets us feel a peace amidst the chaos, while in other times we feel so out of it and just can't focus on the present. Spending time with God is sometimes when I tend to zone out and become disconnected in present circumstances. Usually this place lets me feel peace and contentment even though it is only for a few short minutes. Feeling God's presence here with me allows me not to feel so lonely and reminds me that God is my friend even though in reality, I truly am alone.
Lately in my life I have just felt discouraged, abandoned and alone. We all have people who love us and care for us, but sometimes we don't feel the love from those people or God. It is in these times when I like to shut off the world and focus on God. To just zone out of everything that this world captivates me with and set my mind on higher thoughts. It is in these times I just want a glimpse of light, a hope, a feeling of admiration. A feeling that someone cares and is there listening to me amidst the chaos and confusion I face.

I've been having some difficulty accepting certain circumstances in my life right now. Things that I wish would happen, but it seems like God just keeps closing doors on me. It's hard when God seems to keep shutting doors and not opening any new ones up. Sometimes we feel like we are shut inside a tiny dark box and are totally contained and vulnerable, with nowhere to go. We feel like our will doesn't matter and we don't know what God wants from us.  Even though it may seem like God is cutting us off from what we want, it is in fact to help protect you, not to harm you. He may allowing you to wait to teach you patience or trust in Him more. He may be showing you that you don't need the things you once thought you couldn't do without. He may showing you that you are capable of more things than what you once thought, because you have God's power within you.

These past few months I have felt like God just removed everything I thought I needed in my life. Then I realized that I was capable of surviving without the things I thought I once needed. He showed me that I was stronger than I thought. Not on my own strength though, but through His continual strength. Without His strength to help me through each day I truly could not be where I am today. With each new day it shows me that His love and power is stronger than I once thought. He is showing me that I have the power and strength to do things I once thought were impossible, and through Him I'm reminded that all things are possible with God.

Know that whatever you are facing right now is for a far greater purpose that exceeds this world. Remain focused on eternity and what will last in the long run. Focus on God today, not the people of this world. Sometimes I like to think that today is my last day before God comes back to help me keep an eternal perspective. Keep going. Don't lose hope. Remain steadfast. Keep in contact with God. Keep trusting. God will see you through. God will strengthen you. You never know, today may be the day God chooses to open up that door for you!

Isaiah 40:31
But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


  1. That was breath-taking Britt, it perfectly described parts of my life. Sometimes I want to scream because something I always relied on has left my presence, but I just have to remain in the Lord for I know that he will always be there for me no matter the situation. Always remember to keep the faith, and rely on God and trust him, no matter what, for your strength in difficult times. Thanks for sharing. Prayin for ya!

    1. Thanks Kelsi, glad you enjoyed the post and could relate!! Thanks for your words of encouragement Kelsi!!

  2. This is an awesome, awesome post! We get so caught up in our own thoughts and fears that we sometimes forget that God is even there. When things aren't going our way, it's easy to just get stressed out and find happiness in things other than God. But when things aren't going the way we planned, we should then turn TO God, not away from Him. He is where we find our strength. Thanks so much for this reminder!

    1. Thanks Jessica! Such great truths you mentioned, great great advice!!! Thanks for your comment!