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Remember me when you are happy.
Remember me when you are sad
Remember me when things were good and all the memories that we once shared
Remember when we were together and didn't have a care in the world?
Remember all the fun we once shared and the joy we both enjoyed?
Remember me when I'm far away
Remember that I'm here for you no matter where I am
Remember me when you feel alone
Remember that I'll be here if you if you want someone to listen about the trials of your day
Remember all the good times
Remember when things got hard?
Remember how we got through them with God's help and support
Remember how hard it was but through it we became close?
Remember when all we had was each other
Remember when we were best of friends?
Remember that is how it will always be no matter where we are
Remember that no matter how far away life takes us I will always be here for you
Remember the happy memories when life brings you down
And, always, always remember I love you so deep within my heart!


  1. I will always love you Britt, cherish the great memories I have with you, and look forward in having more with you!! As always such a great poem. You are so good at writing!

    1. I will always love you too! Thanks for dropping by and commenting :) I'm not sure if it is a poem or not, since it doesn't really rhyme, but thanks for your compliments!!! Love you!