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{ A Mirage }


I miss you so much it hurts to breathe
You were the one who once was always there for me
Now you are gone and we are far apart
I could have sworn I saw you today
Was it hopeful thinking or just a way to torture myself?
Hope rose within my soul thinking it was you waiting for me
But, only to find it wasn't you but someone else
A spreading ache spilled within my heart knowing it wasn't you
Realizing it was just a mirage and you were never there at all
It stopped my heartbeat for a few moments and uplifted my soul, but only to leave it broken once again
Why do I see you all around me?
Why do I torment myself by wishing you were here?
Why can I not just let you go?
Just let you go.
Maybe because you are the one person I've always looked up to
The one person I always wanted to grow up to be like
And the one and only person I just wanted to like me in return.