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Without God

Without God.....
we would not have an eternal home waiting for us
we would not have a purpose
this world would cease to exist
we would not be able to go to heaven
life would be pointless
we wouldn't have a Savior
we wouldn't have companionship
there would be no sun, moon or stars
there would be no Bible
we wouldn't be able to have answered prayers
we would not understand love
we would not exist

Sometimes I fail to realize what this world would be like without God. He is the one who holds everything together and controls everything. Without God, we wouldn't be living or even have life. This world would be corrupted by sin (even more than it is now) and would not have even been created. We wouldn't have had the chance to live and pray to a God who understands our thoughts and lives.

If I didn't have God and an eternal home I truly would have no purpose or meaning to my life. Can you imagine if there was no God? it would be terrible to just know that you will cease to exist after you die here on earth. How nice to know that we DO have a God and we DO have a life after this earth. This earth and our lives here are just temporary- we are living for an eternal home that is awaiting us! It is amazing to think that when we have been bombarded with trying times and upsetting circumstances that God sees what we are going through and in no time at all we as Christians will be rejoicing with Him in heaven!!

Remember just how great of a God you serve and all the ways He provides for us and loves us. We are blessed to have such an amazing God who knows our every need, will never leave us and is waiting anxiously for us to reach heaven and live with Him for eternity!!


  1. Britt,
    I love your blog sooooo much! Your post always encourage me in the Lord and inspire me! Love this post!
    Brookie <3

    1. aww...thanks Brooke! I'm so glad that you are encouraged with my blog! :) Your comment brightened my day!!

  2. Even the THOUGHT of a world without God is beyond my comprehension. It would be non-existent...and that's just kind of mind blowing, really. This is a great reminder!

    1. Jessica, I know!! It is mind blowing to think about! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  3. I can't imagine a world without God! Amazing to realize that it wouldn't exist!