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Needing a Pick Me Up

Have you ever felt like you reached a point where you just needed some time alone and couldn't take one more thing? your day just seems to be getting worse and worse and all you want to do is give up? Everything feels like it is crashing in around you and you wished all the tension and expectations would be removed from your life?

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I just reached a point when I went to God and prayed "I can't take it anymore, I need your help...I'm tired of trying to please others and meet so many expectations and feel like I have to be perfect. I'm not perfect and I'm tired of trying to fit in and feel wanted. I'm tired of not being accepted and feeling less important."

We all probably have faced a day where we feel we are at our lowest and just need someone to come along and help us back up again. Yesterday I felt like I just needed someone to care and help me through. A few minutes after I prayed I heard my mom walking into my room and asking me what was wrong. It was nice to relieve my heart and listen to her encouraging words.

I often feel like God brings me down into the lowest point of my life where I just feel so abandoned and alone so I realize just how much I rely on others and not Him. How many times have I put other people's opinions and thoughts of me in place of God? It also reminds me how insignificant those feelings are compared to eternity. My life is not long down here on earth- if I only focus on the negative things I sure won't have much time at all to be helping others and doing things for God.

Sometimes I tend to overthink things and I get upset over small issues when in reality most of those things don't even matter. Even when we face things that impact us deeply- God knows the hurt within us and He sees the pain it is causing us inside. Your pain never goes unnoticed or unacknowledged. God is always allowing us to go through things for special purposes. But it sure is hard having to face them and see the good in all things when we don't know why.

When I feel like I won't be able to last another day and I cringe at the thought of waking up tomorrow with all the problems and tasks that are waiting for me- I just remember that one day this will all be over and when I reach heaven I want to say I did my best for God, I did it with the right attitude, overcame my struggles and finished strong!


  1. I am sorry that you had such a hard day! I've definitely been there lately and I really appreciate your encouragement. Our struggles are ridiculously small when compared to eternity, aren't they?

    I'm praying for you and that things will get better!

    1. aww...thanks Jessica! :) Sorry that you have had your share of bad days too. Yeah, they sure are small compared to eternity- I have to continually remind myself of that! thanks for your comment Jessica!!! thanks for your prayers :)

  2. Your post struck me speechless...its just where i've been at lately, but so strange for me to see my exact feelings written out for me to read! (thanks for that by the way!;)
    It makes me feel better though, knowing that i'm not alone in feeling this way at times.

    Sometimes life really just gets to you, and it's the choose we make to run to God during those hard times that defines us -who we really are...And that's what is most important i believe.
    - EL.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! That's so awesome that you could relate to what I wrote!! Believe me, you are not alone feeling the way you are. Yeah, it sure does make you run to God when things get hard! Thanks for your comment :)