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Where Do You Live?

Past, present and future are all places we have probably lived before. We have maybe gone through a stage in our life when we didn't know what the future would hold. We maybe felt pressure, stress, uncertainty, worry, fear, or maybe even excitement or hope. Maybe you lived in the past and all you could remember was how someone made you feel, how someone broke your heart, the way a bully treated you, or a kind smile on a hard day. And maybe you are living in the present- trying to fit in, worrying about what others think of you, trying to make a right choice....We all have gone through different things that have impacted us and shaped us into the person we are today. We all have spent time living in the past, present and future and we all are currently experiencing different events and circumstances that is preparing us for the person God wants us to become.

I know I have often found myself getting so caught up in the little stupid things of life and they cause me to worry, doubt and be unhappy in the present. Things that have happened in my past have left me feeling angry, upset and filled with regret....while on the other hand, looking to my future I feel worry, fear and uncertainty. Both of these leave me unhappy in the present. Why can't we all just live in the present and leave the past and future aside? We all want to know what will happen next and where God will lead us or what He has in store for us. It is also hard letting go of the past when sometimes all we have is those memories to haunt us or bring joy to our hearts. And the time spent in the present has made me feel pressured and unqualified- we often focus most of our lives on things that everyone else is doing and trying to fit in with everyone else. Our present is usually filled with many emotions...memories from the past reminding us of failing, pressure and fear in the present to fit in and fear and uncertainty of the future. It is hard to live with so much negative thoughts filling our minds.

293838_3603992812615_381525569_n_largeBut God wants us to live in the present- RIGHT NOW. Don't worry too much about the future- and don't worry about your past- God's got it under control and He knows what He is doing. Worrying will not change what will happen in the future and worrying will not change what has happened in your past. Sometimes we get so caught up in the little things in life that seem to matter at the time- but when we look back, it will not matter in the long run. Try to look past those things that seem important now and focus on things that will last for God. I often get caught up with so much stuff, but most of that stuff I am pressured with will not even matter when we reach heaven. Don't make careless mistakes in the present because you were overtaken by your future or past. Smart choices will allow us to live a happier life and leave us with less regrets in life. It is good to look to the past every once in a while to see how far you've come, what you've learned from your mistakes and also relive happy memories, but don't get so caught up in it that it takes over your present and leaves you empty afterwards.

 So, today- live in the present. Don't worry about what tomorrow will bring- but trust in God and don't regret your past, because God still loves you. Just live for today and be content with what God has given you and rejoice because you have another day to live for Him. He has you here on this earth still because He has purpose for your life. He could take your life in an instant- but He knew you were special and could impact the world like no one else could. Enjoy your life- do something amazing today and don't let your past haunt you or your future scare you.

 Psalm 118:24 
This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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