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A Complaining Heart {a poem}

Listening to the sounds of the crickets at night is so peaceful and calming. I sure do love having my window open at night and listening to the soft breeze and typing away on my computer while writing a post.

Well, yesterday I was not in the greatest of moods. I guess things have been adding up and I just let all my complaining out yesterday. There are no excuses, but I have been feeling upset with a few people in my life and also the fact that it is getting shorter and shorter until I go away to college in the fall. We all have days where we just want to complain about everything, but it does not bring us any satisfaction in any way- not while we are complaining or even afterwards. It just makes us feel more angry inside- and angry at ourselves for doing it. Sometimes the things I'm complaining about are not even related to why I'm complaining. So here is a poem along the lines of complaining.....


A Complaining Heart
Anger wells up within me when a day goes wrong
Some days I just want to be alone and listen to a sad song
I often take out my anger, complaining and bad attitude
On those I love the most and who show me the most gratitude
Being grumpy never leaves me feeling happy
It leaves me feeling upset, disappointed and empty
There may have not been one thing that went wrong that day
But I sure can find a lot of negative things to say
I often want to find the bad in every situation 
But I have to keep control of my inner frustration
I shouldn't let little things take control of my joy
They overtake the good things that I should rather enjoy
I should focus on God and not let my attitude get in the way
Because God will help me through even the worst of day
When I feel annoyed with people or at the end of my rope
I don't have to complain or worry because God will help me cope
Stress, worry and annoyance will sometimes make us complain
We may regret it later, but God will forgive us again
It is easy to be grumpy and complain,
But it takes a strong and willing person to restrain
So if a bad day comes your way or you are upset with circumstances
Know that when you pray God will help you through all of life's unbearable annoyances.


  1. That was beautiful Britt. <3 I really needed this. :)

    Keep being amazing!


  2. Britt, I needed this today. <3


    1. Thanks so much Emma - glad you could relate!!