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A Roller Coaster Ride

These past few days I have been going through some ups and downs- it truly felt like a constant roller coaster ride. The other day I felt like I was at a very low place just ready to give up and wonder what happened to my life. I truly felt so sinful and ashamed with myself- but God brought me up again and set my head straight. Sometimes I lose sight of God and I let the Devil (and the world) get a hold of me and I let my wordly thoughts take over my spiritual ones. I have to continually set my mind off the "default" mode that I was born with and set it to "Christlike."

The post I had written a few days ago (asking God to show me a sign) well, He did show me one, but I have to be completely honest it wasn't the way I thought. I had asked Him to show me a specific sign- but I never saw it. Then today I decided to ask once more. I prayed that I would see a star outside my window tonight. I waited for a little while looking anxiously and to my surprise a little star did appear. There were no other stars in the sky except for that specific one, which was so amazing. Then a few minutes later I looked out my window again and it was gone- God allowed me to see the star for that split second. A few hours later I looked out my window and I saw just one bright star (near where the other one was) and it was the only one shining. It truly showed me that God was answering my prayer and He showed me the sign.

Even though I kinda felt a little disappointed that He didn't show me the first one, I truly was encouraged to see Him show me a sign tonight. But I can understand why God maybe didn't show me the first sign- I don't know if it was not His timing or maybe it wasn't me having enough faith in Him. I felt like the first sign I prayed for I was praying to see an answer so bad that I wasn't actually trusting in God and that He WOULD do it. But for the sign He showed me tonight I think I realized that God WOULD show me an answer and I wasn't as focused on just getting the answer I longed for.

I just was so happy to see Him working and seeing the sign I had been praying for. Sometimes even after I see an obvious sign from God I still doubt and I begin to wonder if the sign was truly what God was trying to portray. I have to remove those thoughts and keep the Devil's doubts out of my mind. So if God showed you something- don't doubt it- believe that He allowed you to experience something on purpose. : )

Well, I hope y'all have a great day! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for all your comments and prayers the past few days- I truly needed them!!


  1. I understand this...so much. It's hard to not give up on ourselves sometimes. But God never has and if HE can put up with us, I guess we can :)

    Signs are tricky. I think it's awesome that you still believe in a supernatural God...because He is! Many people have given up on that. I think that your heart yearning for that is a beautiful thing!

    1. Thanks for your comment!! :) sometimes it is hard to keep trusting in God and not doubting His promises and signs. Thanks for dropping by!!

  2. Hi Brit,
    I'm holding you in prayer sweet girl. May you feel Him in your life and your heart as you go through your day. Blessings. Donna