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They Don't Deserve My Love

I've really felt unrest in my heart the past few days- it just feels like everything is a mess and so chaotic. Things that I had hoped would go a certain way have turned out different and I am just feeling uneasy inside. Sometimes I get angry at how I handle things and the mess I bring of them. I wish I could stand strong and not care what others think of me- why do I always base my view of myself on what others think of me and how they treat me?

Lately I feel ashamed with myself at how I have not been caring as much. I hate feeling unsure if I hurt someone elses's feelings or not. We all like to prove our enemies wrong and make them feel bad- but then when we don't treat them right we then (well, at least I then) feel terrible about how I treated them. It may feel good for that time- but in the long run it makes us feel guilty and icky inside.

In my devotions I read that we should treat our enemies like we would like to be treated- that really stood out to me. How I treat those who irritate me so much differently than those I love with all my heart. I often feel like those people don't deserve my love or my time. I feel like they just waste my day and I can't bring myself to show them the same love as I do for those I love so deeply- it goes against my human nature. But only with God's help can we overcome this. We can overcome and love our enemies with God's help and He will give us that love to show our enemies. It is hard (even when God does help us) but I am sure we all will feel better when we know we have done the right thing.

And those people who are mean to us or treat us wrongly may have something going on that we don't know about- and by us treating them kind that we can maybe be the light in their dark world. We can touch them differently than the anger they see in everyone else around them. Maybe you are the only person to actually care and show them that love- so don't give up on loving them just yet!! You will be glad you did : )

I need help with asking God to give me the love to show my enemies- since I know it won't come from inside of me. I need His help and I shouldn't let my human anger come before His love. Just remember no act of kindness ever goes unnoticed by GOD!

Well, thanks for dropping by!! And I'm working on the Q&A video too, so hopefully I'll be getting that up soon : )


  1. I really needed this post, Britt! Thank you so much for posting it. :)