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I Need To Relieve My Heart

Something has been on my heart lately, and I feel like I just need to get it off my mind- so hopefully you won't mind hearing my thoughts too openly. Now, none of this is focused towards anyone who is reading this or visits my blog- you all are sooo kind and considerate. (I just wanted to reassure you of that).

Lately I feel pounded down with things. I get so tired of just trying to be kind to everyone and not make them feel bad. I am just so tired of being the one who gets everything laid on me and has to listen to other people's little minute circumstances. I'm tired of being the one who is always put last and never feels in charge. Why do I let people trample over me? I feel so unappreciated and worthless- why do I put myself in these situations? Why do I always put others above myself and never stand up for me? I just get so tired of ALWAYS listening, understanding and putting up with other people who do not understand or care in the least bit of how hard they are to deal with.

I do not in any way mind listening to people and encourage them, but there gets to be a point with certain people where I feel like I am just unable to sympathize and give anymore of myself. I have to remind myself of what Jesus would do and try to keep doing what I know is right. This is truly an area I need help and growth in- so any prayers for this would be truly appreciated : )

So this goes out to all of you who have been there for me- the ones who have listened and not judged, the ones who have taken the time to actually understand and not just tell about themselves. I appreciate you ALL and there are not words to express just how fantastic you all are!! I'm so thankful for my online friends and people out there who have commented or listened to my heart- because you all truly helped me through the hard times. It helps to just know that you all care and understand.

So, thanks for reading this- hopefully it made some sense so you could relate : )

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