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Blogging Tip: My Tips on Writing a Post

So I thought I would post a blogging tip today. I know I hardly have done any, but I have to admit I'm not too clever with coming up with ideas! So, today I'm going to write a tip on writing posts.

When I visit a blog I often find is more relateable when I can apply to what that person is writing. While hearing about what is going on in someone's life is fine, I am often attracted more towards devotionals or encouraging posts about how someone has been feeling and not just events in their life. I love true heart written posts that make you feel deeper and closer to that person. I know it is hard for some to write deeply from their heart and leave it all out there for others to read, but those are the true posts that I love to come back to and read over again. Usually I can relate to what they are going through and it also is a plus to have a Biblical perspective too.

But I'm sure everyone has different tastes for what they look for when following or visiting a blog. So just a few tips that I could think of for anyone who would like some insight when thinking about writing a blog post:

  • Write about a subject you think your readers would be able to relate to
  • Write from your heart and not what you think others would like to hear (p.s: be honest :)
  • Include some photos or breaks in the paragraphs to ease up the content some for the readers and add a touch of color
  • Create a catchy title so readers will be interested to read the post
  • Include your readers in the post content- for example: " we all sometimes..." "maybe you have experienced..."
  • I like to include questions in my posts to draw the reader in. For example: "do you ever feel neglected?" "have you ever felt ashamed to be you?" Just ask questions about things you've felt or experienced before, I find that others usually are going through the same feelings.
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation. Capitalize words that should be capitalized.
  • If you are referring to another blogger or friend be sure to attach a link to their name so others know who you may be talking about and they can be referred to their website or blog :) 
  • Don't write a post that is too long. Short posts are good every once in a while. I like a decent read- usually around 3-4 paragraphs or so. : ) BUT, if the post is VERY good I wouldn't mine it being longer : )
Well, hopefully they were some good tips for y'all! : ) And I want to let you all know that I do not know all about writing a correct blog post- these are just some from my opinion, so don't think everyone feels this way. I don't want to act like I know all about what should be included in a correct blog post, but I thought I would just post some of my suggestions : ) thanks for dropping by!!!


  1. Great tips, Britt! Thank you for posting them!

    1. Thanks Hadassah, glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. I definitely agree with the correct grammar and punctuation and catchy post title :) Sometimes I have trouble getting good post titles. And short posts--! Definitely. I do book reviews on my blog, and really wish I could find a way to pare (sp.?) them down a little. I tried to do a paragraph book review once . . . it didn't work! Thanks for posting this, Britt :)

    1. Thanks Hannah!! :) Yeah, sometimes I find it difficult to shorten my posts since I have so much to say....but then I get posts where I feel they are too short too...haha!! :)Thanks for your comment!!

  3. Britt, good ideas. I think this post helped me to write about now!!! Thanks :)
    Heidi Anne<3