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Why Is This Happening?

there is a plan

Have you ever wanted something and you tried everything in your will to make it happen, but it just doesn’t?  You know that it is probably God’s will that you shouldn’t do it, but you still try to find a way to make it possible? You just can’t accept that He doesn’t want you to do something, but instead you refuse to accept it and just move on. You feel upset inside even though you know it is for the best? 

so true!It is hard to accept things that come our way and make the best out of situations. I often get upset when things don’t happen my way and I sometimes question God. I wonder why things can’t go my way. But sometimes things don’t happen because He wants to protect me and help me in a different way than I’m expecting. His plan is far greater than mine, but sometimes it is harder to accept and see the good in all things that happen. 

It is so easy to get upset, question and blame God for why things happen, but in reality the things that don’t go our way normally don’t even matter in the long run. The things we make a big deal of don’t even matter. It isn’t about the circumstances and hardships we go through, but rather how we react.
So, when something bad happens this week- how will you react? Don’t let the changes in your plans make you bitter. Allow those hard times to help you grow stronger and trust God more. Don’t let your circumstances ruin your attitude or outlook. Keep a good outlook in all things and it will help you get through the hard times. : )


  1. Thanks, Britt :) Have you ever read 'Jesus Calling' by Sarah Young? My mom got it for me for Christmas, and yesterday's reading was all about getting off our obsession about schedules and trusting in Him in the adventure of life.

    1. Hey Hannah! :) No, I haven't read "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young, but I believe I've heard of it :) That's so cool that yesterday's reading was similar to my blog post!! So true- we have to accept that life won't always be what we want, but we have to accept God's plan and know it is for the best :) Thanks for your comment!!

  2. You know this was encouraging, but still hard to read... My family has been a "good" family for a long time, but today I found out our family's falling apart, and my dad left. I'm only 15. I struggle with how that could be Gods plan... I have to put on a fack "everything's good" look cause no one knows outside of family. How is that Gods will?

    It is always much easier to talk about trusting God in the hard times when you're not going through them. (And I'm not saying that to be mean to you, I'm saying it in my situation too!)

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your family. I'm sure this must be so very hard on you. It is hard when everything you have known is just broken and changed so dramatically just within a few short days. Change is hard and it breaks your heart on why God is allowing things to happen (especially when things were okay before). We don't always understand God's will and we often get upset with Him because we don't understand why things happen. I think it is okay to ask God why things are happening- but we shouldn't blame Him. He has blessed us in so many ways, but we just choose to look to God in the bad things and we focus on those things and not all that He has blessed us with every day. God uses those hard times (like in your case) to help draw you closer to Him. Sometimes it is most effective way to help us draw closer to God and also do it on a much deeper level than when everything is going well. But part of going through hard times is learning to have the right outlook and trust in God too.

      Oh I totally agree, it is so much easier to talk about trusting in God when we are not going through anything trying. SO very true. It is easy to say all we want about being faithful and trusting God, but it is so very hard to actually DO it.

      I will definitely be praying for you and your family. God is working through the trials you are experiencing right now. If you can't take anything out of it, just know that He is working in you and your family and there is a great purpose for why all of this is happening right now in your life. Keep trusting in Him. It may seem like He has let you down, but when you see the big picture one day it will all make sense! : )

      Thanks for your comment!! if you'd ever like to talk feel free to email me by clicking on my email social media button on my sidebar ;) Thanks for dropping by!!

  3. I meant *fake* not fack!