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Valentine Thoughts, Poll and Answers

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This year I don't have a Valentine to make me feel special
I don't have a special guy who tells me I'm pretty
I've always longed for that special person to come my way
But God never has brought the right one along yet
It is hard on Valentines day when maybe you don't have that special person out there to remind you how special you are
We may feel loved by family, but sometimes it just isn't the same
There's something about friendships and that special someone that just makes us feel a different kind of love
Sometimes I begin to think that I am unloved and nobody cares
I feel like my family loves me, but because they are "forced" to and are used to me
I want someone to love me just for who I am and doesn't want me to change my personality
I want someone to accept me and make me feel special
I often forget there is someone out there who already has accepted me, loves me EXACTLY for who I am, and makes me feel special
And that Someone is GOD
It sometimes is hard because we don't always feel His love and we don't hear Him tell us how much He loves us,
But we are reminded of it each day we wake up and are blessed with little reminders that tell us He is there and will provide
He loved us even BEFORE WE WERE BORN
I don't truly think I could ever love someone before they were born- I mean truly love them like God does.
So the next time you think you are alone on Valentines day because you are single- remember that you have the greatest Guy out there who loves you. He thinks you are the most awesome person and He created you EXACTLY how He wanted you to be ON PURPOSE!!!

***So, I have a new poll up on my sidebar- if you get a chance if you could vote on it and let me know what you think that'd be awesome! ***

Also, I wanted to announce the winner of the "How much do you know about me" post that I did a day or so ago. If you missed it, I basically asked questions to see how much you all knew about me and I mentioned I would announce the winner. : ) So....the winner is......Hannah!!! You got ALL 13 of them right except for two (13 out of 15 correct). That is fantastically amazing!!

And tied for second was Hadassah and Danielle- you both got 12 right out of  15- that was amazing!!
Everyone who commented actually knew more than I thought you all would know, so that was so cool!

But anyways, here are my answers to the questions!!

1. What is my favorite color? Green
2. What is my design blog called? Designed to Inspire
3. What is my favorite time of day? Late night
4. What major am I going for in college? Graphic Design
5. How old am I? 20 years old (I just turned 20)
6. How many siblings do I have? 1 older sister
7. Am I a social or shy person? shy, but it depends on the people
8. Who's my favorite singer? Brandon Heath ( most all of you knew this one!! :) And yes, Hadassah- I do love Meredith Andrews as well (she is probably my second favorite) - great answer!!
9. How long have I been blogging? about 1 year and 4 months
10. What time of day do I do my devotions? right before I go to bed
11. What is my favorite book of the Bible that I read the most often? Psalms....Hannah, yeah, I do love Isaiah as well- so many verses I enjoy reading in that book! (where my favorite verse is located)

12. What month is my birthday? January
13. What is my favorite electronic brand- I'll give you choices: HP
       a. Samsung
       b. Dell
       c. HP
       d. Apple (Mac)
14. What is my favorite season? Summer or winter
15. Do I have more online friends or face to face friends? you all got this one right- you all are so sweet to say you hope I get more face to face friends : ) Thanks for the encouragement!! If only I could find face to face friends like you all : )

Well, hope you all have a great Valentines day!!! : ) thanks for dropping by!


  1. Awww that's sweet that I got all but two right!!!! Yay!!! Thanks!! Haha now I know the other two so next time I'll completely know! :)
    Thanks for having the challenge!! Now I know even more about you that I did! :D

    1. Yeah, you did fabulously fantastic with the questions!! haha...yeah, definitely! :) Thanks for answering the questions!! happy Valentines Day!

  2. Wow! I can't believe I got all of those right. LOL

    Great post! Normally around Valentine's Day I always get depressed because I don't have a special Valentine. I decided this year I am going to focus on my relationship with God.

    1. haha....yeah, you got a LOT of them right!!!! :) yeah, same with me- but that is so true, we are loved by so many- family, friends, God!! and Valentines is a great time of year to remember how much we love others and how much we are loved :)

  3. This is great Britt! I REALLY needed to hear this. Sometimes I become jealous of those who are married or have Valentines and somehow I get mad at them for no reason because they do have a Valentine. I get short with them and become rude and disrespectful. I really did need to hear this, thank you so much

    1. Yeah, I have to be honest, I get jealous of others too that have a boyfriend or are married. I am glad it encouraged you :) I know there is someone special out there for you!!

  4. Don't worry, I'm 17 and have never had a valentine (or a boyfriend), but I have to be honest, that at this stage I don't mind at all. I see being single as a time to grow in the Lord and to allow Him to be the only One to have won my heart. And as you say, He loves us for who we are, His love beats any man's love! :)

    1. Wow, you have such a great outlook : ) It is so true- we only need Him and His love beats any guys' love! :)

  5. Whoops! I just answered the questions!!! :) Oh well! :) And I'm sure that special someone will come very soon, just when God is ready, not before! :)

    1. oh, that's totally fine, I enjoyed reading your answers!!!! Aww...how sweet, thanks for the kind words!!