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Inferior To Others {poem}

In this world we face struggles, pain and sorrow
How long will this day last until it becomes tomorrow?
Each day feels like such a struggle to get through
How in the world will I ever be able to continue?
People bring me down like drenching rain to the ground
Why am I always the person nobody wants to be around?
Why am I always the one left out of the loop?
Why can't I feel like I ever fit in with my own age group?
Nobody ever looks my way or says a kind hello
They just glare and look down on me and treat me like some wierdo
I always feel so inferior compared to everyone no matter where I go
How come others always seem to put themselves higher and make me below?
They act perfect and I feel stupid
They get acknowledged by everyone and I go neglected
Why does this always occur- why do others think that they are better?
Well, we may not know the answer
But we can trust that God sees how others treat us
And He sees their treatment of others and pridefulness
No act will ever go unnoticed and He is a fair Judge
He will never just take one side and misjudge
So no matter how others treat you, remember that God sees
He knows the truth and He knows your story
Don't let others get you down and make you feel insignificant
Jesus, who was more holy than any man on earth, still became a Servant
He treated others fairly and wasn't prideful
He was the God of the universe and was in no way boastful
If He treated others the same as Himself
Then we too should treat others as we would ourself
Even when others treat us wrongly
Remember what Jesus would do and continue to remain trustworthy
i pray


  1. Lovely poem :) I am sorry if you feel this way! But, remember who is always with us! :)

    1. Thanks so much Danielle! :) So true God is always with us! thanks for your encouragement!! :)

  2. I tagged you :)

  3. Amen-on the last part of your poem-never forget-you are loved by the One Who made the tiniest little spec that never gets noticed, but Your Maker will never ever forget you. I think you know that-but sometimes we all need to be reminded....I really do believe he picks out certain ones who will know that pain you wrote about-not everyone can be trusted with it. His plan is to use you for someone else-who maybe doesn't know Him like you do.
    Well...enough of my sermon-just know you are very much loved.

    1. Wow, thanks for your words of encouragement Debra! :) Thanks for dropping by and encouraging me!! How inspiring your comment is. Thanks for writing it!!!

  4. Amazing poem Britt, I can really relate to this!

    1. Thanks so much Hannah, glad you liked it! :)