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Weekly Character Challenge- {Week 23}

Well, I hope you all are having a great Monday. It doesn't seem like another start of a week is here already.

To tell you the absolute truth, these past few days I haven't felt much inspiration for my posts. I felt like I couldn't write about anything in particular. I think maybe because I haven't been spending as much time with God as I should be since I've been busy doing other things.

I have felt like my outlook on things has changed and my mood has as well. I don't feel the same when I don't feel close to God. I prayed over the past few nights that I will grow closer to Him and feel that closeness again like I had, but I just don't feel it as much. I don't feel that longing to grow recently. I don't know if any of you have felt an urge to be close to God, but you don't have enough will-power to do it? that's how I'm kind of feeling right now. I pray to be close to Him, but I don't actually take time to delve deep into His Word and grasp what I read, but just read through it quickly to get off to bed.

So, this week I am going to start spending more time with God each night and not just pray to grow closer, but actually delve deeper into His Word and study it more. I hate this feeling of being far from Him and not close to God. If I saw God today, I don't know what I'd say, I would not feel close to Him and I want to be as close to Him when I see Him.

So, I am challenging you all (and myself) to draw closer to God this week and take a few extra minutes out of your busy day to actually take something amazing out of His Word, a devotional book, or Bible Study!!

Thanks for dropping by!!
Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. That is a great challenge Britt! I am always wanting to get closer to God, read and pray more...but it seems like I'm always to busy! And I know that I really need to make time and strengthen my relationship. Hopefully that will happen this week *wink* Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

    1. You sound a lot like me : ) thanks for your comment Sierra!! :) thanks for dropping by!