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Weekly Character Challenge (week 22)

So, it is time for another weekly character challenge. Today I've been thinking a lot about something that I thought I could tie into the weekly character challenge. So, here it goes...

There are times that we all face where we want to ask God what He is doing and why we are experiencing certain things in our lives. Right now I'm experiencing something I have never felt so strongly in my life before and I'm needing God's help and assurance of why He's allowing me to feel this way, but anyways, it is hard to get rid of these types of feelings and when we are faced with problems or issues we can't handle it is easy to give in or question God. It is easy to get angry, get upset and complain at the circumstances we are facing, but it isn't the circumstances or people that are the problem, it is how we deal with those circumstances and people.

Even though people and situations may seem unfair (and they may be) but we all have the choice to control ourselves when things come up and we have the choice to react differently than the expected. We have a chance to have a good attitude when things are looking bad and place trust in God when we can't see what lies ahead.

So, if you are feeling lost, alone, helpless, rejected, unqualified, neglected, wounded, worn or angry, know that you don't have to experience it anymore. You can change your circumstances by changing your attitude! So this week's challenge is to evaluate your attitude with the circumstances you are faced with this week. If you feel the urge to get angry, hold back and tell yourself that your circumstances will not determine your character. 

I hope this could apply to something you may be experiencing in your life. Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Thanks Britt. There are a lot of things I could be feeling wih my grandma having cancer. God is helping me be joyful and caring about others even when my own family is struggling. Sometimes it's very very hard to change your attitude about something, but with God's help, anything is possible, you just have to ask and believe. He is so awesome! :)

  2. Hi, I tagged you on my blog! (: