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Lord I Need You

Have you ever prayed for something so much and wishing with all your heart that God would have that same will for you? Have you prayed for something and wished that you could feel God near you? Sometimes in our lives we experience something so difficult and we wonder why in the world we are being faced with that certain circumstance right now in our life? We often think it is the worst timing and why it has to happen right then. But know that God has it happening to you for a fantastic reason.

Right now in my own life I have not been feeling so great. I told you all yesterday that I was feeling better, but I have been feeling worse since then. I keep praying that God will help me feel better, and I wonder why I have to feel this way right as Christmas is coming up. It seems as though most Christmases I get sick and I would just like one Christmas that I could have a good time. But I have to keep reminding myself that God has allowed me to get sick right now for a special reason- I have to keep trusting in Him and know that He knows what is best.
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It sure is difficult to be going through something in our lives and not knowing what the reason is or what lies ahead. I often become afraid of the future instead of just focusing on the present and trusting God through it. Isn't it interesting that when we go through something difficult that is when we become more desperate for God. Sierra, on my post yesterday wrote something similar to that in one of her comments. I totally agree with what she said. How I wish I could trust in God and feel close to Him when things are going smoothly and not just when times get tough. I think it is so terrible that I only seem to pray to God a lot more when I'm going through something hard. I often become upset when others just come to me when they need something. Why is it that I am that way with God? I should go to God with the same trust and hope no matter what I'm going through in my life. I should have that same deep urge to hear from God even when things are going smoothly, but often I don't do that. But I think that those hard times are a whole lot more special sometimes because we draw so much closer to God than we could ever on a normal occasion. It makes us feel God's presence more and it also makes me realize just how much I need Him. If I didn't have those hard times when I went to God, I don't think I would be as close to God as I am. It is through those hard times that I have seen God work the most and even though it wasn't a pleasure at the time to go through, but looking back on those hard times have made me see how much God has been there for me and helped me through.


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    1. Aww...how sweet! Thanks so much. I'm actually feeling a little better :) Thanks for your comment!!