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Letting Go

I hope that you are all having a great day! Instead of posting on something that has been on my heart lately, I thought I would post on something someone asked me to post on regarding a certain topic they have been experiencing in their own life.

But anyways, thanks so much for bringing this topic to my attention and asking me to post on this. I've been struggling in this area in my life recently as well, so I will be speaking from my heart regarding this too.

Okay, so the topic I'm going to write on today is getting rid of sin in our life when we want to keep holding on to it. I know of plenty of things in my own life that I enjoy doing and get "addicted" to doing them. I tend to spend more time thinking about things, doing things that are fun and exciting when I really should be spending my time doing wiser things. It is so hard when we feel good while doing something and we just can't seem to let go of doing that one thing in our life.
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I have told myself many a time that what I'm doing isn't wrong and I have a right to enjoy myself and have fun once in a while. Now, while that is true, we shouldn't let sin and fun get mixed up together. While things may be fun, they may also be sin by taking up our time away from God or spending time with Him. When I spend more time on things that I like to do and not time with God then that is when it becomes sin and I should limit myself to those activities.

Even though we may know what we are doing is sin it is still hard to let go of those earthly desires and focus on other things. It is our earthly mind that keeps us focused on these things and tells us that we have the right to keep doing that sin- it is also Satan telling us to give in to sin. I sure don't want Satan to take over my thoughts and replace God? do you?

Make the decision today to let go of those earthly desires and turn to God. If you feel yourself giving into them again, ask God for help to keep you strong and focused. Now, please don't get me wrong- some things are not sin, so please know that things that bring us pleasure is not sinning (at least in most circumstances) it is when those fun things get in the way of our time and thoughts with God. So be diligent when determining what you have to let go in your life and give over to God.


  1. Great post, Britt! This is just what I needed to read today. :)

    1. Oh good, I'm glad you could use the post!! :) thanks so much for your comment!!

  2. That is how I have been about things for quite sometime. Thanks for the reminder! Great post! :)

    1. Thanks Abby! glad you could relate :) thanks for your comment!

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    1. Just letting you know, I have a bible study on my blog! Check it out!:D