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Giving In To Earthly Desires

Have you ever felt like something has been nagging at your heart and you feel tempted into doing something? Sometimes we face temptation so much in our lives and it is hard to not let it drag us in with it. I know I have felt many temptations in my life that have led me away from God. Feeling tempted into something is not a pleasureable feeling, I know, and after we give into it we often feel regret and dismay.

We all encounter temptations throughout our lives, but we all can make the choice everyday to remove those temptations from our hearts and minds and we can ask for God's help to remove them in our lives. You will feel better inside after you let go of those temptations and it will help strengthen your relationship with God. It is so so hard trying to give up those temptations and remove them from our lives, but in eternity it will definitely feel like it was worth it. Know that those temptations will not mean anything once we reach heaven and we will have regretted wasting our time on those things that once tempted us down here on earth.So start today to remove those things that tempt your heart and ask God for help and strength to surpass those things that draw us in. Let Him remove those temptations and replace it with an urge to grow closer to Him.

I know this is a shorter post than normal, but that is all I have for today. I hope you all have a great day! thanks for dropping by!


  1. Thank you. Your blog is inspiring for me this day!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, glad you could relate : )

  2. I can relate, right now I stay at home with my half day kindergartener, i keep fighting wanting to work even though I know staying at home is what is best for us right now. I also got a little whisper last night to leave it in his hands and stop taking it back!! A message God whispers to me often :)

  3. Oh and I am visiting from Sensation Creations Blog Hop :)