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In My Own Little World

This is a song that I recently found and have been inspired by. This song reminds me that this world is not about me, it is about putting others before myself and not just thinking about me.

Often I have trouble with this and always think about my needs first. When someone asks me to help with something I wonder why I have to do it and complain. I often forget that it isn't just about my needs but I should be caring for others. Jesus would have put others above himself and He was the Savior of the universe- so I definitely should be able to do that!!

So anyways, I hope that you enjoy the song and can learn something from it.

In My Own Little World by Matthew West


  1. I love that song! It plays on my local Christian radio station a lot. I really do think it's inspiring.

  2. I love this song!! I've been hearing it alot lately!

  3. I love this song !!!!!!! Thanks for posting it .