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Can I Take Back What I Said?

Have you ever said something and wished you could take it back since it leaves you feeling with such an aching heart? Sometimes I wish I could take back the words I wrote or something I said.

Tumblr_lw5f9a7k341r4fmhfo1_500_largeHow many times I have said something and for days after that I live in agony and I am filled with such regret. How I wish I could take back those words that I said. But, we can't take back the things we have spoken- it just isn't possible! But one thing is possible- we can explain why we said those words and say we are sorry. Sometimes words just don't come out right and we can't express what we wanted to- and we hurt others without meaning to.

Sometimes we get angry and words just come out and we don't mean to hurt the other person but we are hurting inside from other issues going on in our heart. When we do this- we can't take back what we did or the hurt we caused, but we can go up to that person and apologize for our actions and words.

Through all the things we do, all the mean things we say, grumpy attitudes, the mistakes we make, the wrong roads we take, sin we do every day.....through EVERYTHING we do- God still loves you and He never will stop loving you! He will never lose hold of you and He will always be there for you to turn to.

When I'm going through something and need guidance I normally go through pain and worry, when so many times I forget that I can go to a God who is there for me always and who is always listening. How great it is to have  God there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Can you imagine if He was only available between 8:00-3:00 every day? How much we would be influenced by that and we would realize just how much we rely on Him with our needs and prayers. It is so nice just knowing He is always there to go to.

I hope what I wrote could influence you and help encourage you today!
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  1. Awesome post, and that is so true!

  2. your blog design is lovely! Following <3 alex


  3. Thanks so much Alexandra!! :) I'm glad you like it!!