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Weekly Character Challenge - Week 7

Hello everyone-

Sorry I haven't posted here for a few days or so. Thanks Ruby for doing the guest post yesterday- I truly enjoyed it!!

I completely forgot to do the Weekly Character Challenge for this week (on Monday). So I am doing it a little bit late!! But anyways- how did you do with the last challenge? To refresh you it was to change your attitude and do things with the correct attitude. I caught myself a couple times last week trying to correct my attitude. I would love to hear how you all made out with last week's challenge!!  And if you forgot that is fine, try this one out if you'd like! :)

      Okay, so this week's Character Challenge is TRUST- Trust this week, keep trusting God with your hardships or struggles, don’t lose faith. Trust that God will do what is best and that He will never leave your side. Make trust a main part of your life this week- keep trusting and don’t lose hope!

      Right now I am going through some stuff and it is hard to trust in God and leave all my struggles in His hands and know that He will do what is best. But so many times worrying makes things worse. Often I worry and I can't seem to not worry about all that is going on- it is so hard for me to just be at peace and know that everything will work out for God's purpose- but trusting God isn't an easy thing- it takes a lot of work!!! So, maybe this week if you get a chance try working on trusting in God. A little trust can go a long way!

     Thanks for visiting and hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!! Hopefully later today or tomorrow I will do a post with some of the new things I have been talking about! 

 Until tomorrow- or later today! 


  1. Great challenge, and I will try to trust Him more!!!
    CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Hannah! Oh, haha...glad you can't wait- hopefully I will post it later :)