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Seasons Of Life

Throughout our lives we go through different seasons. Some of those seasons can be good while others are hard and trying. But throughout each season of our life we should know that God is with us and we should be happy through it. Whatever season you are in your life right now, know that God is with you right this moment and enjoy the season you are in, trust Him and know that you shouldn't worry because God will allow His will to be done.

Maybe you are going through a hard time right now and don't know where God is? Maybe you have prayed and prayed and you can't seem to hear his voice. Through those times it is hard to know that God is near. It is hard to know the reason why you are going through hard times and we wonder if any good will come through what we are going through.

Maybe you are going through a transition in your life and you feel yourself slipping and don't know which way to go? Maybe you are trying to handle all the changes in your life and it is so difficult for you to keep your relationship with God when you don't know where to turn? It is hard to accept changes with joy and know that everything is happening for a reason.

Maybe you are just getting out of a hard trial and are slowly beginning to get back to normal and things are starting to steady out? These times are so encouraging because you can look back at the trial you went through and see all that God has done. In these times we should continue seeking God and keep a strong relationship with Him.

Maybe you are not facing any struggles right now in your life and you aren't going through anything hard right now? These times are sometimes harder than the hard times because it is still hard trying to keep a strong relationship with God when we don't need to ask Him to help us through anything. Be joyful in this season and know that God be at peace with Him through this season.

Each season helps get us to the next season in our life. So, what season are you in?


  1. Wonderful post....and so true, Britt. Many times we go through these seasons, and when we go through the hard "winters" or transitioning "autumns" and even the "summers" and "springs" we know God is always with us, and if we seek Him we will always get to the easy season in our relationship with Him.

  2. Hannah- thanks so much for your sweet comment! You are so right-thanks for sharing!! :)

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  4. Thanks Mandy! Thanks for leaving a comment! :) You inspire me Mandy! God bless you!! :)