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God is All We Will EVER Need!!

Good Morning guys!

I thought I would share some thoughts with you this morning. There are so many times when I am sitting alone in my room and I feel alone and I feel like I need someone to share my thoughts with or just have as a companion. But something that I fail to realize is that God is truly all I need.

When I am afraid or scared to do something I need to remind myself that God is with me when I am afraid. He is all I need. When I am in a group of people and need to talk with someone- God is all I need. Just let everything go and realize that God is truly all you need no matter where you go or who you are around. Something I fail to do is go to God even when I am not feeling alone. It is only in those lonely times when I go to Him- it shouldn't be that way. I should go to Him even when I am feeling loved and surrounded by those I love.

This is a song that I like listening to because it reminds me that I am not alone because God is with me, and I truly am reminded by this song that GOD is all I will ever need. Please listen to it- I think that you may be encouraged by listening to it!!

All I Need by Bethany Dillon

Thanks guys for visiting!

Have a wonderful Friday!!


  1. Amen....God is all we need, and all we are. Great post!
    Oh, and beautiful picture. You always post awesome ones!

  2. Hannah- thanks for your comment! I get my pictures from my We Heart It account :)

    Jodie- thanks for following my blog and for leaving a comment!!

  3. This post was great Britt!

  4. Amen! I love this.:]


  5. Thanks so much for this reminder, Britt! I often feel lonely, but as you say, God is always with us!!


    P.S Great song! Bethany Dillon is really great, I have a few of her cds!

  6. Amen, Britt. Wonderful post...and beautiful photo.

  7. Jess- thanks for leaving a comment! Glad you liked the song! That's cool you have some of her cds!!

    Linda- thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :) Thanks!!