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Rejected by Others

I was reading this verse in my devotional book today and I thought I might share it with you all.

I just thought that this was so inspiring. So many times I feel left out of things, rejected or not needed, and this verse simply states that the reason why the world does not recognize or acknowledge us is because this world doesn't recognize or acknowledge God. When we live for God and stand up for Him and our beliefs we will face rejection or denial. This world doesn't want to accept or acknowledge God and since we are living for Him and are like Him we too will not be acknowledged.

It hurts so much sometimes and we question our faith at times, but in reality- we will never be put to shame because we stood up for God when we reach heaven. Don't ever be embarrassed to mention God or say what you believe! If you feel afraid to mention God- do it for Him and not for yourself.Know that standing up for God down here on earth will bring you a never ending satisfying glory when you reach heaven!

I'm sure all of us have faced rejection, not just for our beliefs, but in many things throughout our life and we feel insecure of ourselves afterwards. It is hard getting over rejection from others who make us feel so unimportant, but remember that even though not everyone will accept us down here- we know that God will still choose to love us no matter how dumb we act, stupid we feel, wrong choices we make or things we say. He will never leave us or reject us for what we have done. He is faithful and loving no matter what- you couldn't ask for a better friend than Him!! So if you have no friends right now, or even if you have many- choose God to be your friend! And the next time you feel rejected you know that you can turn to God because He will never leave your side!


  1. love this! thanks for sharing it Britt!

  2. Great post!

    I just want you to remember Britt that you are one of my best friends. You always have such uplifting things to say here on your blog and your comments on my blog are the sweetest thing that makes my day.

    Thanks for being my friend!


  3. Thanks Erin for your comment- glad that you liked it!! :)

    Godsgirlz- thanks so very much for your sweet comment! word cannot explain how much I am glad that we are friends!! You too are one of my best friends as well!! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog- you keep me smiling and make my day! Thanks for being my friend and for caring! :)