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Do I Have The Right Motives?

Sometimes I wonder what my intentions are for why I do things. Do I do them so I look like a better person? do I do them so I can help someone else? do I do them because I know it is the right thing to do? Do I do them because it is my natural instinct to do them?

Why do I do the things I do? Why am I blogging? Is it to help encourage others? Is it to bring glory to God? Is it to make myself feel needed? Is it to see how many followers or pageviews I can get? Is it to meet new people? I have to admit- my motives aren't always in the right places.....all the questions I listed above are motives I have had before and reasons why I have done the things I have done before. And sometimes I don't always even think of the motives I have behind all the things I do or words I say- I just do them without knowing why. I think we all do....

The next time you feel yourself doing something for the wrong motive- try to catch yourself and do it for the right motive. When you really don't feel like obeying your peers or being nice to that annoying person- just do it for God. When you feel like you cannot do it and don't have the strength to do those hard things- ask God to give you the strength to do it for Him. Even if you dislike doing it with all that is within you, but you know inside that is is right thing to do- do it for God. If you think that doing a kind deed for that mean person will be giving them something they don't deserve- just think that you are doing it for God.

Some things are so hard to do and have the right motive doing them. We will not always have the right motives, but if we can try to realize our motives behind the things we do and say- it will help us realize why we do the things we do and will help us be able to set our priorities straight and do more things for God rather than doing them for the wrong reasons.


  1. Great post...and thanks for sharing. Motives are very important.

  2. Amen. If we have the wrong reason for doing certain things it's worthless!!!!!!!! Great post. :)

  3. Sheesh, Woman. This was a really good post.:)


  4. Thanks Linda for sharing. You are so right- motives are so important!

    Hannah- wonderful comment! You are so right!! Thanks so much.

    Thanks Brooke! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I cannot boast- God really gave me the words to write it- He helps me write all my posts! Thanks for sharing!! :)