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Erase My Mistakes!!

We all make mistakes that we want to take back and have them forgotten. When we make a mistake, we often think back on that mistake and won't forgive ourselves for what we have done. We should learn from our mistakes and move on. God wants us to ask Him for forgiveness and seek His help and forgive yourself for your mistakes.

So many times I make a mistake, and I tell myself I will never do that again, but as time passes, I end up making the same mistake again. Everytime we make a mistake we learn a lesson and remember the consequences we had before. Everytime we make the same mistake, we learn more than before. When I fail to make a right choice and make a mistake in my decision, I always learn that I chose according to how I was feeling and not according to what God wanted me to do.

We all make mistakes and often want to take them back, but the horrible thing about mistakes is that they cannot be taken back or forgotten. But don't focus on the bad parts of your mistakes, rather focus on what you have learned from your mistakes and keep in mind what you have learned for the future so you don't make the same mistake again!

Here are a few quotes I had found on the internet about mistakes, I thought they were how I have felt before and took a deeper thinking on our mistakes and how it isn't about making mistakes and looking dumb, but rather learning from our mistakes and moving on.....

I thought you might enjoy this song. I thought it fit well with today's post and I enjoy this song, since it reminds me that we are forgiven for our bad decisions or mistakes! I hope you enjoy it!!

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  1. Great post! I have often said that if satan can't get to us on most things, he can get us on our guilt. I apprectiate your words of wisdom. xo

  2. Sherri- Thanks for your comment! You brightened my day!! Thanks for following my blog too!! :) Have a wonderful day!

  3. hey there. i know mistakes vanish away thanks to our believe in GOD, but sometimes we recall them & it makes our lives miserable. it takes work. it has been difficult for me lately to realize the bad or sad thoughts i have are really the devil working against my GODly ways. or at least me trying to be in the right. it's tough. (:

  4. Mistakes... who hasn't made one? Great post, Britt!

  5. Thanks Beth for your nice comment!! Same with me, it has been hard trying to fight the Devil lately!! But I have to remember to do what is right! Thanks Beth!!

    Henry, thanks so much for your nice comment!! :)

  6. I make mistakes every day...constantly, it seems like! I love that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. So inspiring.
    Thank you for saying you liked my guest post over at Breanne's blog :) You're sweet.


  7. Memory,

    Thanks for your nice comment!! I make tons of mistakes too!! You are so sweet too!!